#8 The Truth

They’re like two particles in a large sea.

Random writing || Dominic & Hera || Photo © Toby Harriman

“You know, I told him—”

“Your boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “He asked me some morning, why I never said things like, ‘I’ll love you forever; no matter where you are, I’ll be there; I want us to be together, always,’ or something along that line. My answer was, it’s because I said that thing to you and I don’t want to make another promise I can’t keep.

“Yet, I think, the truth is,”— Hera moved her gaze to the long river, hiding from Dominic’s amber irises. “It’s not because I can’t hold onto what I’ve said, it’s because I’m still holding onto it.”

Dominic watched the back of Hera’s body and his long dark hair swung by the sea breeze. “When I broke up with Aoide and years later I’m still trapped within the memory, I though I’ll never love again. Then you came and crushed down every single fear I had for love.

“Now,” he stopped for a while, waiting for Hera to turned her body. “I’m not worried if I’m not going to fall for other women except you because loving you… is a pleasure.”


He chuckled. “Oh, you know why, don’t act like you don’t.”

She took a breath with a stone face while staring at Dominic’s face.

In the physical distance, the were meters apart. What they think they should be and people think they are; there is a large cliff between them. For them, they’re like two particles in a large sea, no matter how they’ve run away from each other, they’re still in the same place, and at some point, they’ll meet again; so close, they can’t feel the distance.

“You’ll always love me,” she said.

“So do you.”



  1. Grammar boleh diprotes, udah lama gak nulis inggris.
  2. Idk, I want to delete Mino from Hera’s universe.

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