#9 Naive

Bite my lips till I can taste blood

Image © Agnes Cecile || Trigger warning?

Go, do it again.
Bite my lips
till I can taste blood
in my mouth.
A goodbye kiss surrounded
with sadness, misery,
and hatred.

You want to
run away from this
abusive relationship?
No, you can’t.

You love me.


I’m sorry if I offended someone but I just can’t understand how some people romanticizing Joker and Harley Quinn love story (same goes to Christian Grey and Anna).


6 thoughts on “#9 Naive

  1. relationship joker sama harley to be honest masih bisa kumaklumin lah dikit tapi makluminnya. kalo christian grey sama anna tuh yang… -________- ga ngerti lagi serius. huffft. anw, bahasanya cantik bangetttt ah kusukaaa! <3

  2. tbh sama kayak kamu, aku menganggap aneh mereka yg bilang harley-joker apalagi ana-chris sebagai relationship goals….. but sometimes people want it because the movie production make them seems so hopelessly romantic, in the bad way. aku sukaaaaaa! keep writing, tar!:)

    1. Iya kan!? Aku tuh sampe kayak, “Sejak kapan relationship goals jadi yang dalam hubungan abusive tapi masih suka!?!?” Sama Ana-Chris juga merusak definisi BDSM gitu. Yea, kind of romantic in the film, but if it’s real, it’s kinda mess.

      Thank you evin! ♡♡

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